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Where we are and how to get there

Ces is located on a beautiful plateau at 1450 m above sea level on the western side of the Leventina Valley in northern Ticino, Switzerland. The coordinates are 706.9 / 144.4 (GPS: N46 26.270 E8 49.400). Together with the four other "monti" (Gribbio, Doro, Cala and Osadigo), Ces belongs to the hamlet of Chironico in the municipality of Faido.

Ces can be reached on foot in about two hours from Chironico or in one hour from Gribbio, which is connected to Chironico by an asphalted road of about 5km.

–>Arrival by public transport
–>Arrival by individual means (cars, mopeds, bicycles, etc.)
–>Chironico, Lavorgo, Gribbio, Faido, Biasca

Please note: We usually appreciate visitors very much, but do not forget to notify first and ask if the visit is fine at this time, please.

Arrival by public transport

From the North: With a "RE" train (Regio-Express, SBB, timetable no. 631) from Erstfeld to Lavorgo, wait about 52 minutes, and then with the small postbus to "Chironico, paese" (duration 12 min., timetable no. 62.123).

From the South: By "RE" train (Regio-Express, SBB, and timetable no. 631) to Lavorgo, then with the small postbus to "Chironico, paese" (duration 12 min., timetable no. 62.123).

Near the stop "Chironico, paese" there is a yellow arrow indicating Ces. Follow through the village in a northerly direction, always uphill, more through the woods. The path is marked white-red-white. Depending on the condition and the luggage, the climb takes about two hours.

Arrival by private transport

From the South or the North: On the motorway (Autobahn) to the Faido exit (Chiggiogna), then right on the cantonal road to Lavorgo (3km approx.), passing the village and the railway underpass turn right and continue for another 4 km until Chironico.

There are some parking spaces at the end of the village Chironico, near the old washhouse next to the stream (fiume).

Before entering the village of Chironico, on the right there is a paved road that climbs to the "monte di Gribbio" (5km approx.), passing the "Oratorio Madonna delle neve" (2.5km approx.), where there is the valley station of the cable car to Ces (only for goods). The road is not passable during the winter! In Gribbio there are some parking spaces at the last bend before entering the village. From here begins the marked white-red-white path that takes you to Ces in about an hour. Other car parks are located near the church of Gribbio.

Chironico, Lavorgo, Gribbio, Faido, Biasca

In Chironico there is a small shop with a post office, La butege, open in the morning and a few afternoons (Mon, Wed, Fri), and the small Restaurant-Hotel Pizzo Forno.

In Lavorgo, the Defanti family runs a shop with a gas station and a hotel-restaurant Defanti. Other restaurants are located along the main road, the Strada Cantonale.

Faido and Biasca are regional centres with more extensive offers.

In Gribbio there is the small restaurant (buvette) Ul Ciurlin, open only in summer, outside the months of July and August often only Saturday and Sunday


The privileged location of Ces offers a choice for excursions and walks, for example towards the mountains of Gribbio, Doro or Cala, continuing towards the Ragada waterfall at the end of the Valle di Chironico and further on to the Laghetto and Passo Piatto, or from Cala all'Alpe Sponda (Capanna) and on the Pizzo Forno or towards the Passo Barone and the Pizzo Barone.

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Additional information

–>Flyer zum Projekt (PDF, in german)

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