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Ces is...

... a small mountain village that in the past remained uninhabited and is located on a beautiful plateau in northern Ticino (1450 m above sea level). Together with other "mountains" it belongs to the hamlet of Chironico in the municipality of Faido in the Leventina valley. Ces is far from the chaos of traffic and can only be reached on foot, in two hours of walking. Already on the way up you will come across a varied nature and, once you reach the village itself, you will be struck by its naturally exploited plateau, with its waterfall, its peat bog and its rare flowers. Ces is also located in a hunting reserve.

The village consists of twenty-five buildings including houses and stables (some falling down, others rebuilt) and a church. One third of the buildings belong to the Foundation for the Rebirth of Ces (FRC). Since 1972, we have been working together to maintain the traditional characteristics of the village and its surroundings and to ensure that Ces remains open for community and alternative forms of living and working.

During the summer months, we offer jobs in the Management Group (Betriebsgruppe). We also organise nature conservation activities such as the care of the Varenc and Lempence mountain peat bogs. In winter Ces is very quiet, but in summer it is very lively: we cultivate our organic gardens, work, converse, renew the village, play and discuss.

By choice we live in a simple way. We give up much of the mechanization and for this we work very manually. Since we want to live as independently as possible, we produce our own electricity ourselves (with a small water turbine and solar panels) and, when possible, we feed on the products of our organic garden.

Ces is far away but not isolated: it also wants to act outwards and show alternatives. A large circle of friends and guests from many countries visit us every year.

Our holiday home VERIDIRUM is available for large groups of people (up to 25) while for small groups or families (up to 7 people) the rustic TI AN DOUR home is more suitable. For 1,2,3 persons, we rent the appartment MARIALLEGRA. If you would like to visit or work with us, you should contact us in advance and preferably by email (web_at_cesnet.ch) or, in summer, by phone at +41 91 865.14.14 or at +41 79-270.22.30.

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